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OOC Contact Post

How's my driving? How's the weather? Need fantasy baseball advance? Need to contact me about anything, at all, ever? DM me or leave a message here.

Consider this a combined contact/HMD post.
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HI there! I just noticed that, urm, Tony and Rygel are rooming together. So I figured, maybe we should figure out how that's working.

Oh god.

BTW, my name's Kris and I also play Jim Kirk (TOS flavor) and I'm on plurk too at [plurk.com profile] original_fine. Thanks!
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Hello! I am the potential Gary Seven player from another canon point.

Would you want to plan out some things for your plot? For plotting I usually have the best luck by comments or email since character limits are less of a problem.
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[personal profile] reborn_into_beauty 2015-04-04 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
Sure. We could do it here. Or on SHODAN's HMD/contact post.
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Basically what I would like to do with Gary Seven is have him say that this happening is important to some future Enterprise event, and if possible give the crew a helpful tidbit of information that would help them handle the situation.
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Okay. For what reason exactly do you mean for him to say that it's important to a future event? Obviously, SHODAN doesn't hail from the same universe. I assume you mean Wolf-359?
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Sorry I keep switching accounts.

Yeah, basically. Whether or not he would have anything to offer or if he could just say that would be entirely up to you.

The Aegis's ultimate goal is to stop some horrible war initiated disaster far down the temporal line, and are pretty up-to-snuff on whatever the other temperal powers do: whether it's the attempted interference of Section 31, Counter Strike trying to destroy cultures that develop "too fast", or the Continuum's efforts to put humanity under trial. So if the Q was dicking people around and bumping them into this universe, while the Aegis can't really stop him and don't have the power of the Q, they know that it's happening and would have to find a way to keep up their "make sure that the path to peace isn't broken" momentum.

Even if Wolf-359 was horrifying, it led to some events (both in TNG and DS9 and books) that were important to not only defeat the Borg but bring unity between peoples.
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So basically ensuring that events take place as they were meant to in the original timeline?

I have suggested to the mods that Q has preparation for Wolf-359 in mind when he brings SHODAN over.
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I also sent them a link to the thread for idea type things.